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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your daily dose of gymnastics: Romina Plataroti

If there have been any other remarkable gymnasts from Argentina, I can't remember them. Sure, this is something I can google, but I'm far too busy for that. So the only Argentinian gymnast one must familiarize themselves with is Romina Plataroti.

Look her up on YouTube and there's not much that comes up. But I used to watch her 1991 Pan Am Games floor routine obsessively. I even mimicked her dance style and skills and threw them into my own sad little optional routine.

The 1991 Pan Am games featured, for the Americans, the second-string gals who wouldn't be going on to the World Championships in Indianapolis that year. Still, they tore up the competition and the winner, Stephanie Woods, went on to a great career at Alabama (Roll Tide). The competition was held in Cuba and the audience, most of whom had probably never seen a gymnastics meet before, cheered and screamed and booed like they were at a football game. 

Now's the time to insert my usual disclaimer: I'm explaining this all from memory. Google it and let me know if I've got my facts mixed up. I'm here for nostalgia, not journalistic integrity.

Back to Romina Plataroti. She's now a sports psychologist or some such. But it's definitely worth checking out her claim to fame: a really excellent, dramatic floor routine. To do that, you have to go to 0:40 in this clip:

For the record, I also really enjoy how her leotard looks like a swampy-fingered monster claw is grabbing her from behind.

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