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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US Gold--Predicted, Deserved, and Won

Oh live internet feed, I love you. I was able to ignore find ways to occupy my kids and glue myself to the computer for a couple of hours today, because I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid the news before prime time!

I decided to take a few notes throughout the competition.

Victoria Moors: Definitely one of the best floor workers in the world--a great example of beautiful choreography that flows well with the tumbling passes. I so wish she had qualified to floor finals! And she would have, if she'd scored in prelims how she did here in team finals. Bummer.

I love Russian bars. However, I still don't care for their giants: Nastia-style arch/knee bend over the low bar. I don't know why this isn't considered bad form.

Catalina Ponor: I'm not a fan of the Romanians' manic, swingy-arm dance style, but wow, solid beam routine.

Beth Tweddle: Big moment at home, so why the silly choreography? It's sort of bad. Good thing she has bars to make us forget the cringe-worthy dance.

It was at this point that somebody's big boy underpants got wet and that took a bit of time out from my notes.

Then, my kids decided they actually needed lunch in the middle of gymnastics. Silly children.

So my play-by-play didn't make it up to International Gymnast standards, but then they're not trying to view AND potty train.

At any rate, I at least had to include a little fashion commentary.


USA: More red. Again, not my favorite. I wish they'd come up with something a little more sleek and color-blocked and slightly less bedazzled. 

 Russia: I still don't love red. But I do like the way their leo picks up the traditional style motif that we're seeing on their warmups and apparel, and applies it in a sweetheart design. 

 Great Britain: I like the blue. The sparkly bits aren't too distracting. Not my favourite (see what I did there?) British leo ever, but it may be the best overall of this finals. 

Italy: I find the blue an odd choice. I know red/white/green can be a tricky combination to translate to apparel. But adding blue is not the answer.

Japan: A little too busy for my taste. They love lots of graphics. The zebra stripes down the arm were a bit much. 

 China: China rarely strays far from the red leotard with yellow stars or accents, a color combination that always reminds me of McDonald's. At least this time it looks like the material's a bit of an upgrade: they're frequently seen sporting cheap-looking crushed velvet. 

 Romania: Two things are always certain about Romanian leotards: a) the sleeves will be pushed up, and b) I won't love it.

 Canada: Red. I like when the Canadians get a little crazy and go with different colors, but...it's just... red. And bedazzling. 

USA Team Warmups. I find these a little sad. But when you're biting a gold medal, who cares?!

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