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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Team Dowdy

I know there are only so many variations on Opening-Ceremony-Americana-style, but I'm a bit disappointed. The guys, I guess they're ok. But the poor girls. That skirt? With that blazer? That's the silhouette that women of a certain age and certain size wear that's sold at JC Penney as a pastel-colored  twofer.


I mean, I know they need comfortable shoes for the opening ceremonies. Lots of walking and standing, and we can't have our best athletes messing up their feet. But those things look like 1940's toddler shoes. Maybe up close they look better?

Okay then.


I guess once you commit to that heavy outfit, it's not like cute summer sandals would go. So maybe next time they should start with shoes--say, cute summer sandals--and work their way up. And then figure out what would go--a fun little dress, maybe. Something that you could dress up or down. Something that doesn't look like a Love Boat crew uniform.

That polo pony logo--I know Ralph Lauren fancies himself and his logo as The Style of America! or whatever, but funny how when it's time to give yourself credit with your big old honking logo, there's no such thing as over-accessorizing.

There are some items in the line that are a little less frumpy, like this little dress which has an even bigger polo pony.

It skews a little casual, but if it were up to me, I'd go with something like this for the Opening Ceremonies. But then I'm not gazillionaire Ralph Lauren.

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