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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seeing Red

I don't often post about men's gymnastics, just because it's not really my area of expertise. But even though the pommel horse is a complete mystery to me (where does each skill start and end??) I DO love to watch it. One thing I am qualified to comment on is attire, and there was lots of red going on. Red may be my least favorite color for gymnastics apparel. Specifically, red pants. It's just too much.

Red pants for the Brits:

And the Chinese:

And the Japanese:

And the Germans:

And the Americans:

Ukraine: A nice change (I hated seeing them realize they wouldn't medal after all):

I DO like the US men's tanks. Sporty, not too embellished.

But I'm calling for a moratorium on red pants. Try a neutral. Try navy. Then if you still like your red, don't let me stop you. But really. Red is very...RED.

Anyway, disappointment for the US team, but these guys are young. Plus, there is a huge accomplishment in that every team member is qualified to a final. That's impressive.

The highlight of the competition was definitely the remarkable performance from the British team. It's a great lesson to athletes of all sports that often bronze is the greatest victory.

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