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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make It or Break It--The most accurate teen gymnastics soap ever to depict national training camp

Just caught up on this week's Make It or Break It. It was hilariously awesome as usual. The girls have been at "training camp" the entire season, and coincidentally, I just happened upon this description of national team training camp  by Shawn Johnson.

So in fictional Gymnasticsland, the girls are pairing up to make up short routines for each other (huh?), making chicken parmesan in their tricked-out apartment for their parents who are visiting for an exhibition (I bet that's Karolyi-approved), and struggling with full-twisting back handsprings (snicker). Meanwhile, coach is flipping through photos of gymnastics greats in the middle of practice. Don't worry girls, he knows exactly what he's doing!

I did sort of dig the concept of the throwback leotards--in grayscale!

Shawn tells us that she's usually eating salmon or chicken with salad or fruit, and she's probably not making it for a visiting parent in between workouts. She'd be a little more comfortable in a nicely furnished apartment, but it IS actually a camp facility, so the cabins probably aren't quite as stylish as the accommodations in Gymnasticsland. But really, the funniest thing about MIOBI is that every workout involves some sort of fun activity, rather than intense training.

OK, that's probably not the funniest thing.

Maybe the funniest thing is how, when there's a wide shot of all the athletes hanging outside on the training center campus, they're all in the middle of very vague, half-hearted twisting and stretching.

But in spite of all that, I HAVE to watch MIOBI. I'll take corny gymnastics over no gymnastics.

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