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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tim Daggett: Meanest Commentator?

Here we have Rebecca Tunney (GBR) on beam at the American Cup. I mentioned in my previous post that I thought NBC commentator Tim Daggett was too harsh. Judge for yourself.

"She's going to be a bit damaged after this competition," says Tim.

Honestly, Tim. It's a beam routine, not a tour of duty in Iraq. She was unprepared and out of her league. There's no need to beat a dead horse. I do agree that at this level, you should be prepared to receive criticism. However, this verges on bullying. Anyway, even with the three falls and the countless wobbles, the most inexcusable part for me is the hair-shake. (See it at 0:50). Maybe sloppy hair really does lend itself to a sloppy performance.

Lucky for our friends across the pond, they can rely on British bars badass Beth Tweddle. I could watch this again...and again...and again.

I don't know about Beth, but I will be disappointed with anything less than a gold on bars for her at the London Olympics.

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