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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Plague

I've had a bit of a set-back in my workouts. I seem to have the plague. Less sympathetic folks will tell me it's just a bad cold/cough/sinus infection, but I assure you, I have the plague.

When you have children and they get sick, first of all you have to stay home with them, and then you catch it, which doubles the down time. Poor kid, he doesn't get the benefit of an Ibuprofen-Sudafed-Codeine-Afrin-Antibiotic cocktail with a twist of Vicks Vaporub. But now both of us are feeling much better.

So, today was the first day in a week I've been able to work out. And yes, I've become the sort of idiot who starts to get anxious when I miss too much. Guess I'll start packing my running shoes on vacations too.

I try to run a mile on the treadmill while I watch the Today show, but I was trying to take it slow today. So instead of my standard sprint-style, get-it-over-with running-on-my-toes, it was the old 12-minute-mile Shuffle of Misery.

Which makes me wonder. Big time runners, what are you doing? It's sort of a hot topic these days, running heels-first or toes-first. Are you using the ugly 5-toe running shoes? I'm a better sprinter than long-distance runner (I may have mentioned that once or twice), so I've been running on my toes, and it does feel better on your legs overall; it's just a more natural running motion.

And from a gymnastics perspective, a lot of what we do is emphasize the natural springing motion of the ankles. Using your ankles/toes gives you more bounce than using your knees alone; when you see kids doing slow, lumbering tumbling passes, it's partly because they haven't learned to bounce with their ankles/toes and their legs are having to do all the work.

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