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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pacific Rim Championships and My New Favorite Floor Routine

I enjoyed the coverage of the Pacific Rim championships yesterday. Jordyn Wieber did what she does, winning easily. But my vote for best routine of the competition goes to Victoria Moors of Canada. Superior tumbling, with actual choreography. Yes, you can fit [really lovely] dance into a routine with four tumbling passes.

It's insanely annoying that that routine scored lower than this sloppy performance by Lauren Mitchell of Australia. Finishing tumbling passes with jumps--in Lauren's case, very poor jumps--has already been overdone to the point of absurdity. (Check out the embarrassing split jump after her second pass.) Still, her difficultly was 0.3 higher so I guess it doesn't matter that she's hiding every single landing with an ugly jump. Is this somehow better than a controlled lunge? Once again common sense is trampled on my the Code of Points.

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