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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Your daily dose of gymnastics: New skills montage

This handy montage shows new skills that were added to the Code of Points after the 2011 Tokyo World Championships. According to the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) here's how you get a skill named after you:
Gymnasts have the opportunity to present new elements at any official FIG event. In order for them to be included in the Code of Points, the submitted elements must be successfully (without fall) performed by the gymnasts during World Championships, Olympic Games or Youth Olympic Games and have at least a “C” value.
They also note:
 Apart from Christine Lee’s (CAN) 2 Flying Flairs mount on Balance Beam, a “B” element, all new elements performed in Tokyo were included in the list of elements as part of the WAG Code of Points, each named after the gymnast who first performed it.
Thus it's possible for a skill to have been competed years before (see first skill in montage) but never named after its true originator because that gymnast never competed it in World or Olympic competition.

My favorite new skill is the Seitz...really cool if she can learn to keep her legs together.

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