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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Your daily dose of gymnastics: Larissa Latynina and Beth Tweddle

I love watching really old bar routines because I can imagine that if I had been around in 1964, I totally could have been in the Olympics. Here's Soviet great Larissa Latynina:

And for contrast here's British superstar Beth Tweddle, whose current routine is one of the most difficult in the world yet is imbued with that 1960's and 70's sense of creativity and unexpectedness.

There used to be a judging parameter--many still mourn for the loss of this requirement, in part because it's just a great slogan-- called "ROV." Risk, originality, virtuosity. I think Beth Tweddle's routine certainly embodies these principles. I think we all need a little ROV in our lives.

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