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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sticky the Stick Gymnast Demonstrates a Kip

So now that I've set my goal to relearn a kip, I find myself describing it to puzzled friends. A kip is THE fundamental skill of bars. You can't have a routine without one. Or two or three or four. There are variations on a kip, of course, but the first thing you learn is a "glide kip" on the low bar. 

To demonstrate, I've put my skills as a geometry class slacker to work and resurrected Sticky the Stick Gymnast. Sticky can only exist on notebook paper, naturally. (Acceptable variation: Sticky sometimes stars in the margins of spiral notebooks in her own flip-book motion pictures.) Oh, how I used to while away the hours devising clever and impossible bar routines instead of solving quadratic equations and whatnot. 

Sticky the Stick Gymnast will now demonstrate a proper glide kip:

Sticky will now demonstrate my current skill level:

Now test your kip savvy and see how many kips you can spot in this routine:

How many?

I count 5 kips (in different variations). 

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  1. i love how you teeach gymnast to do a new skill