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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Find your unorthodox fitness goal!

Yesterday at the Y, I stopped to speak with the instructor after a class which has evolved from cardio-kickbox to cardio-kickbox-hip-hop-zumba. It's totally fun if you like to dance, and it's a great workout.

"I have to tell you about my new goal," I told Kelly, who I knew had been a gymnast as a kid and is now a fitness instructor and cheerleading coach, mother to a bunch of kids and still looks ridiculously fantastic.

I told her how I hated running and I had nixed any notion of ever setting that sort of goal, but I decided I needed to relearn a kip on bars. She was excited. "I'm gonna hold you to it! My goal is to do a full by my 40th birthday, which is in two weeks!" (For my non-gymnast friends, a full is shorthand for a flip in a stretched position with a full twist.) She said she is trying to motivate some of her cheerleaders who are learning fulls by challenging herself to do it along with them.

"Whoa," I said, "I am so not there." My last handspring was in 2003.

But that's okay. Maybe after I get a kip, I'll find the motivation to learn a full for my 40th, too. Fortunately, I've got five years to work on that. (I'm not making any promises here. A kip is what I said, and I kip is what I meant.)

So, we've each got our goals and it's great to know that others have the same idea--find what appeals to you, and figure out the means to get it done. Later I turned on the computer to find this awesome story:


I love it!

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