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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Real Nadia and Teodora

I know a lot of my non-gymnastics friends have loved Nadia, the movie, but most have probably never seen footage of the actual gymnasts.

Nadia was the first female to compete a double back (she and Soviet gymnast Nelli Kim were the first to compete it at the Olympics) and as you can see, this was before spring floors were in use. I learned on an old Nissen mat like this (I'm not THAT old, it's just that my gym's equipment was) and I can tell you, lack of that extra springy boost is only one obstacle; the other is lack of cushiony softness when you land...in a heap...as I frequently did. She's 14 here, this is before the Olympics made her a household name. Nadia doesn't land in a heap:

Seventies style is something I can't get on board with. Everything about that decade was sorta hideous. What I DO like about the 70's are the wacky, inventive bar routines. Did you just go back and replay Teodora's mount five times? And did you compare it to the way you used to jump onto the furniture, half-flip style? Just me? Okay.

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