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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Germans, gymnastics, and buzzmullets

Behold, Ulrike Klotz:

What first caught my attention was the spectacular buzzmullet.

But as it turns out, the choreography and music are actually quite lovely--very similar to 80's era Soviets. Did she seem a tad...thin? Eek. But, she's looking healthier 3 years later:

At any rate, we should probably take a look at some more glorious German hair of the 80's.

Poor Baerbel Wielgoss, with a name that conjures up barbells and barbers, this is the only haircut that truly fits:

Dorte Thummler sports a rather magnificent wave--how does it stay that way? And how did it get there? Was Baerbel bitterly jealous of the volume and bounce?

Martina Jentsch, surprisingly normal (in that normal-1987 kinda way), this style might be called The Valley Girl:

We've already covered Dagmar Kersten (and her fabulous overalls leotard) but I just have to interrupt this hairstyle bit to ask you to watch this vault. I love the hang time in the post-flight before the flip. I just replayed this like 8 times. Check out the distance! Then go back again and check out the length of the hurdle onto the board, then notice the old school board. I am in love with this vault.

And finally, no team would be complete without the Grandma Perm, as demonstrated by Jana Vogel--with a few nifty little tricks in this beam routine.

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