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Monday, October 17, 2011

What in the Worlds needs to be changed?

For me the worst part of the 2011 World Championships was realizing my DirectTV had taken my Universal Sports Channel away and lumped it in with a $12.99 a month sports package! (Guess what DirectTV--obscure sports watchers and football-baseball-basketball watchers--two different audiences.) Well, NBC stepped up with some fairly decent coverage! With www.universalsports.com and the FIG Youtube channel, I'm managing to view some interesting stuff that NBC won't show.

Anyway, thoughts, opinions, and observances:

  • The US was so dominant that I actually wish the others had been better, for a little more exciting competition. 
  • Maybe China's got some better girls waiting back home, saving up for London 2012? The Chinese are usually so exciting to watch, but they just felt a little ho-hum to me. 
  • To make the World Championships more special, more understandable, more memorable, we need to return to the odd-year format. (Or have we? I can't keep up!) After Indianapolis FIG launched some crazy schedule of random World Championships. "Well this year we'll have Worlds for All-Around in the spring, and then team in the fall! Then next year it'll be Event Finals only, and skip a year, then a full Worlds the following summer!" No one can keep up. It's too confusing, even for those in the sport. How can we recruit new fans and athletes if it's too hard to follow? INCONSISTENCY from FIG is what's killing gymnastics. Ironic, right? 
  • And on that note, reinstate the 10. 
More notes to come....

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