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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best in the Worlds, continued

Sorry for that break in the action, now where were we? Oh yes!

There was the best leotard from Worlds--prize to Great Britain for this understated number.

Let's look at a few more.
China's never put a lot of effort into their leotards. They almost never stray from red, but sometimes the yellow is a mish-mash swirl of a print on the front. So I have to consider this an upgrade from the usual. Still a lot of room for improvement, however.

Yikes, no! This is not improvement! White crushed velvet with sparkly green bits and orange flowers. However, I do appreciate the effort.

Here's the Netherlands in a leotard that I'm not crazy about, mainly for the weird, very square shape in the color blocking at the top. But...ya know what? It's growing on me. It's flattering and slimming, on account of the color down the side. Blue and orange is a combination that's sorta heinous, just ask any poor sucker from Auburn or Florida. (As an Alabama fan, I'm obligated to say this.) (Truth be told, I don't mind the combo as long as the blue outweighs the orange.)

 But the redeeming quality is the nice pop of color when they raise their arms. Sure, it's too bad that it's orange, and we've caught her arms at a bit of an ungraceful moment, but the idea is that it makes your arms look nice and long and that's a good thing.

Let's talk about purple. 

It's a great color for leotards. But almost no countries have it for a national color. It's OK, countries, to branch out a little; we won't think you unpatriotic. The Australians have been embracing purple ever since former Shannon Miller coach Peggy Liddick moved down under and told them how sad their green and yellow leotards were. No one's ever told me why Australia's colors are green and yellow when their flag is red, white, and blue, but I suppose I could google it, or ask Siri.

So purple from Australia on the left, and Gabrielle Douglas of the US on the right. It's a great color for her! Also a prettier purple than the Australians. Aussies, I'd like you to reverse that leo and show me black on the bottom and purple on the sleeves. I still like it, though, just nitpicking here.

Speaking of purple. 
 Bonus points for matching your hair to your leotard. Or 0.2 deduction, I haven't decided.

Roll down your sleeves.
I like this look for Germany. It's a happy medium between old-school color blocked leos and new obnoxious swirly snake ribbon embellished leotards. It's a wee bit busy, but still pretty flattering and nice placement of colors. But dude. ROLL YOUR SLEEVES DOWN. It will look SO much better when you roll  your sleeves down. You are giving yourself stumpy arms.

Roll down your sleeves.

Russia and Canada went for a similar color, and I like it. I'm not thrilled with the polka-dot effect of the crystals on Canada's leotard, but I realize I gave top honors to Britain when they had the same issue so I guess I can't complain. I just liked that one enough to overlook the polka-dottiness.

Roll down your sleeves.

Two looks from Romania...traditionally the worst offender of rolled-up-sleeve arm stumpiness. Their finals look (above) is one of their best in recent memory. I'm not a fan of white but that white is thick and glossy enough for a nice sleek look. It's fairly clean and not too busy. And wonder of wonders, her sleeves aren't rolled up. [Side note: I fully intended to make this ONLY about leotards but I have to talk form here. How much better would that jump look if she had better arm placement? Have you noticed why the Chinese make everything look so good? It's because they work arms, even in the middle of tricks.] Meanwhile, the plainer one is a little sad. And there we are with the stumpy arms. I find the logo placements really distracting on both. But I guess that's the point, if you're the sponsor or the leotard manufacturer. 

More to come!

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