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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Cute Factor

Oksana Fabrichnova: how cute was she?

The cute factor is diminished a bit in this weirdly skanky leotard. BUT, it's easy to forgive because of the cradle. What is a cradle, you ask? Catch it at 0:45 and let me know if you've ever seen anyone else do that neckbreaker of a skill.

But speaking of cute. Mo Huilan made a big impression as China's first really solid all-arounder, and she did it as the owner and proprietor of this supremely cutesy routine:

Normally, I don't care for cutesy one bit. But I guess if you're gonna go cutesy, you should go full-on-cutesy. If you're not careful, you could veer dangerously close to cringe-worthy, as seen in this sad Kerri Strug routine. I feel sorry for her every time I watch it.

It's almost as if a mistake was made. Like maybe someone left her choreographer the music with a note attached but part of the memo got lost:
"I've found the perfect music for circus poodles on unicycles!"

But we don't want to remember Kerri like that, do we? Because she looks miserable. She was 15 years old, and doing a 5-year-old's routine, on national television. Poor kid. But don't worry, 1992Kerri, just tippy-toe and shuffle-step your way to 1996, where you will be the hero of the whole Olympics, and no one will ever even remember that one humiliating cutesy routine until youtube is invented.

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