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Friday, August 12, 2011

Daniela Silivas, My Favorite Romanian With or Without a Perm

Daniela Silivas was super-cute, super-talented, and in the 1988 Olympics, super-permed.

But we've all had our bad hair moments, and it's easy to overlook when you're watching a great floor routine. I picked that floor music for my [sad, lumbering] optional routine solely because she was one of my favorite gymnasts. Perhaps I was not as successful because I didn't have a fab '80's perm to propel me to victory. Or maybe it was because I have the air sense of a turtle.

Here she is in 1985, before the perm added 8 inches to her height.

Unfortunately, the Romanian gymnasts that followed this era always seemed to lack the grace and presentation of the '80's stars like Silivas and her teammate Aurelia Dobre--the last of the great Romanians.

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