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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dagmar Kersten and the Awesome 80's Overalls-Leotard

Dagmar Kersten was a fixture on the international scene in the late 1980's. At a time when East German gymnasts were sort of interchangeable and unremarkable, she was elegant and just so darn cute.

So here she is, I think there may have been some tumbling in this routine, but I can't remember because the image of her spectacular overalls-leotard is seared into my memory and overwhelms any other thoughts I might have had at the time of viewing. The fluffy hair, polka-dot bow, and choreography complete the whole look. I'm fairly certain my 11-year-old self thought this was the coolest style ever. 

Here she is again, if you want to see how compulsory bars looked in 1988...always interesting, to me, anyway. (Excellent quality video by the way.) This leotard is also weird, what with the random placement of "DDR" on her front hip there. Weird ugly, as opposed to weird interesting like the fabulous overalls. 

And this leotard is just all happiness and rainbows and makes me want to ride a unicorn into the sunset:

And finally, a decent leotard with a scary vault. Maybe she should have worn the overalls.

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  1. wow total give away scores back then lol, and quite honestly I think the undies leo is the bestest everrrrr! I think that will be our next look! of course with the ever popular EGA on the right, half corner, half front hip, side angle view of the half hip! hahahaha