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Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Nationals, Finals!

Well finals turned out much better than prelims, it's nice to see that most of the gals can pull it together in a pinch. Some notes:

  • Well-deserved win for Jordyn Wieber. Maybe her consistency will wear off on her teammates. 
  • Rebecca Bross, what a heartbreaking injury. When you see a gymnast go down like that, suddenly she's not this athletic machine, just a kid that needs her mama. Hope she can recover quickly.
  • I could watch McKayla Maroney vault all day. I could also watch her walk away from her vault all day. She looks like she's trying to play it cool, but is close to busting out laughing about how awesome she is.
  • Alexandra Raisman: she's so pretty! But sort of missing something....she needs to find a way to be memorable.
  • Alicia Sacramone. I so dig her, and her first vault too. I want all these teenagers to hang in there and keep improving and evolving like she does. Plus, it's so important to have a great personality out there; she's a great ambassador for the sport. 
  • Chellsie Memmel, also a great veteran. She was known for her more unusual skills, like an illusion on beam: now that she's been doing them for years, I'd love to see her come up with some new interesting tricks. 
  • Gabrielle Douglas: I see great potential. She was all over the place, but she's young. She makes me want to watch her. 
  • Team Caquatto: I'm not blown away by the sisters, but something's right about their coach or their genes or both. 
  • Shawn Johnson, almost forgot her! I've always liked Shawn and I'm happy she's back...now I wanna see an all-around, please. 
  • Who else am I forgetting?
  • Oh! Sabrina Vega. Nice choreography. I think that was her anyway. I was reading a magazine and texting and watching and had the volume down. 
Now let's see a comparison of Simona Amanar doing her own vault:

And let's all thank FIG for introducing the vault table so that McKayla Maroney could make it look this much better:

(Why it needs the cheesy music, I'm not sure, but there ya go.)

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