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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The best gymnasts you've never heard of: Theresa Kulikowski

This Theresa Kulikowski performance at the 1996 Olympic Trials is one of my favorite floor routines ever.  Once I start watching, I forget about the grainy VHS recording and the puzzling Dorothy Hamill hair (this was 1996 after all, not 1976).

At the end, Tim Daggett ruins the whole vibe by yapping about how it isn't enough, when what he should have said is something to this effect: "Well, it may not earn her a spot on the team, but no one in the field tonight can match Theresa Kulikowski in terms of quality of movement. She's a fantastic dancer and her choreographer should be in charge of all routines for the national team."

The best part is, three years later she shows up at Utah looking totally cute and winning lots of stuff. (Skip ahead to 3:00).  Take that, Tim Daggett!

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