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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Follow this gymnast

Just got the latest International Gymnast in the mail (I've been a subscriber since 1989 and I keep telling them on my renewal form that after 20 years I should get a discount. This has not worked yet).

Anyhoo, it reminded me of my intentions to start a regular gymnastics blog, in which I would inform, entertain, and gossip about the greatest sport in the world.  And not so much on the stuff you see on TV as much as the regular, everyday, run of the mill gymnastics issues like dumb rules and ugly leotards and nutcase parents and bad coaches and the inexplicable prevalence of scary Tsuks in level 9ish competition.  And then I'd punctuate it with a nifty youtube clip.

Despite the "not so much on the stuff you see on TV" promise, I'm gonna throw this out here today.

Behold Mattie Larson.

I dig her!  She's so pretty! And gymnastically: powerful, confident tumbling. Natural dance ability. Mature presentation. But the best part is, she understands that if you're gonna be on national TV, you should slap on a little makeup. She looks her age, she has a figure, she's not a weird little squeaky underdeveloped automaton. Too bad her sad, sad leotard reminds me of this:

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